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Each bag contains a mix of at least 5 coloured themed sweets.

Generally they contain sherbert crystals with a dipping lolly or millions at the bottom and coloured marshmallows at the top

In the middle sweets include bon bons, cola/raspberry cubes, chocolate honeycombs / nibbles, cola bottles and cola chips

Sweets do vary depending on availability but will always be themed and weigh at least 170g





Sweetie Cones

The alternative to party bags   :   Much easier for you   :   Loved by them

Let's face it, it's the sweets they go crazy for whether we like it or not.

In traditional bags all the bits and bobs you spent weeks searching for end up broken or binned after a day or two.

If you really want to do party bags my advice would be get one decent item rather than several cheap objects.