​My Little Pony

2 Hours of Themed Fun

MON-THUR £129 *  FRI-SUN £149

Entertaining children from start to finish 

We'll be running, crawling, hopping, digging, balancing, bopping, bowling, shooting, throwing and most importantly laughing our way through the party as we take on themed games, challenges and crafts.

There are no winners or losers. It's all about playing together and having fun.  All party guests receive a themed key ring and make a themed craft gift to take home.

And the birthday child will receive lots of  extra attention and be invited to be a team leader....it is their special day after all.

The games we play vary from theme to theme and party to party so no two parties are ever the same.  Activities are carefully selected to match ability levels and party size.

You provide the hall and food and we'll provide the fun.  Parties can be held at home but you loose the active elements that they love so much.


​Pamper Party

​Craft Cafe

​Harry Potter

​Lego Ninja 

​Star Wars





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