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Turn over and repeat the process

If you didn't have sweets to hand you could cut a trapdoor at the top or side so you can push sweeties through at the end

Paint glue over an entire face.

Working from the bottom,

stick down the feathered strips.

Overlap each strip a little way around the edge

Unwrap the un-snipped strip

and use glue to attach it to the edge

Cut crepe paper into 3cm strips

Leave one whole

With the others, cut 2cm snips all the way along

They create a feathered look when opened out.

Be careful to not cut all the way across.

For older kids / adults consider even more reinforcing by adding more tape.

If you want super strength

you could use heavier cardboard like the boxes supermarkets use to stack items.

Add extra tape around the top.

The rope will go through here

and the piƱata will hang from this.

It creates a weak spot - especially if you have heavy sweets or lots of them

For children older than 5 years consider adding extra strips around the edge to reinforce it and make it last longer

Secure the lid on with tape

Place the sweets inside

Cut strips about 5cm wide

Weave them between the tabs

Use tape to fix securely all the way round

Again, have the plain cardboard facing outwards and the pictures on the inside

Fold back the tabs

HANDY HINT : have the plain side facing outwards to reduce the chance of any pattern showing through the crepe paper covering at the end

Cut chunks out around the shape

to create tabs

Leave a 2cm gap as you cut around the line to allow for making some tabs

Step by Step Guide

How to Build a Pinata

Draw around a template 2 times on cereal boxes to create

the back and front of the pinata

YOU TUBE Video Tutorial

Add the details.

Punch a hole through the top with a screwdriver.

Use cable or rope to create the handle to hang it

HANDY HINT let the glue dry overnight before pushing through to create a hole