There are amazing cakes for superheroes that you can buy in the shop or can commission.  If you have time on your hands and are so inclined, making your own is another way to build excitement.  Here's a few you could attempt yourself.  The simplest one, I think, is the Spiderman traybake - you don't even need to cut a shape.  I have a simple recipe that's never let me down that I'm happy to share. And there are always templates online if you fancy getting a bit creative.

As with everything to do with parties there is actually no need to do any of this.  Kids are very easily pleased.  These ideas are just to help you if you want to unleash your creative side.   it's not everyone's idea of fun so head to the supermarket with pride if this is you.


When it comes to food you have 2 options.

Cold or Hot

Hot is often cheaper and less time consuming

But do make sure you enlist help on the day, so someone else can cook it, else you'll miss out on watching the fun.  Here's examples of themed pizzas but you can equally do standard food and give it a wacky superhero Hulk Hotdogs....Batman Burgers......Penguin's Pizza

Or even just serve on themed colour plates.

Or hand out themed pre-packed boxes

like a  happy could even include a themed toy/stickers if budget allows.

 If you prefer the cold option there are two routes.

Any food you like - with labels that reflect the food.

Like Catwoman's Claw's for pointy crisps, Green Goblins for grapes.  And again, your own little superhero will be able to help and guide you.  They love being the more knowledgeable for once!  This route does open up options for more sensible healthy food as you can also label things as power food so carrots for pinpoint vision, bananas for energy, cheese as bone food.

Or for cold you can go the primary colour route and provide anything that is blue / red / yellow.

Throw in green for hulk and black for batman. 

It doesn't have to be an overload on

E numbers - there are natural foods. 

Logos also work great here.  As do themed labels.

And as you can see spider webs are brilliant.

They turn even jelly into superhero food.

Or maybe you fancy mixing and matching

do what ever is simplest for you!

keep it simple with


Theme the room very simply

with red & blue table wear. 

Maybe add balloons/streamers

if your budget allows.

Or go for a black and yellow  to reflect batman

Or have a mix of the all 4 colours to reflect every superhero

Sticking masks on containers adds to the fun

Printing off logos and POW words to add labels is another simple trick

These can be purchased on ebay/etsy or made at home

If you plan ahead, you can get crafty kids involved and do it as an activity together

Kids love being involved and it just adds to their already bursting excitement

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