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There are amazing cakes for princesses that you can buy in the shop or can commission.  If you have time on your hands and are so inclined, making your own is another way to build excitement.  Here's a few you could attempt yourself.  I'm no artist so I like things I can cut out from traybakes.  The crown is probably the simplest.  Olaf would be fun and simple too - using oreos for buttons and eyes.  Sticking toys onto a traybake is my other the one with green grass icing and princesses - could also sprinkle flower decs bought from a shop. 

I'd quite like to give a Rapunzel tower ago too - I  think even I could manage the fairy cake / icecream cone tower.

I've never done one but I like the look of the fairy cakes placed together to form Snow Whites dress.


As with everything to do with parties there is actually no need to do any of this.  Kids are very easily pleased. 

These ideas are just to help you if you want to unleash your creative side.  

it's not everyone's idea of fun so head to the supermarket with pride if this is you.


You can have a lot of fun with princess food because there are so many princess shapes.  If you don't have cutters (check play dough cutters) you can get them on ebay for a pound or so.

FAIRY GODMOTHER WAND -  You could adapt cheese straws, or have pastry star top with cheese and grapes (do people still do pineapple!). Or iced biscuits on sticks.  Or you could even have some healthy colourful fruit kebab wands.

PRINCESS CROWN - Sandwiches could be savoury or sweet and iced biscuits look amazing in this shape

PLAITED HAIR - This is my favourite!  if you have Rapunzel or Elsa mad kids they will adore this plaited bread.  Serve plain or add flowers/snowflakes to show Rapunzel/Elsa.

ICECREAM CONES - Am loving that icecream cones can be used to create princess hats and towers.  And the kids love that they have been dipped in icing and E-number decorations.

OREOS - If you don't have time to make cake-pops try dunking and decorating Oreos for a faster/simpler way to get something pretty and yummy on a stick to munch on.

think pink

Theme the room very simply

with pink & white table wear. 

Maybe add balloons/streamers

if your budget allows.

Or if your child has a favourite princess you could choose their colours

Belle would be yellow and blue

Ariel would be orange and green

Cinderella would be blue and white

Rapunzel would be purple and yellow

Merida would be turquoise and green

Simply switch the food colourings on the ideas shown below.