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There are amazing cakes for minecraft out there and here's a couple you could attempt yourself.  The simplest one, the white one is the actual cake from the game so kids go nuts for this.


A simple idea for themed food would be copy the food found within the game. These would be carrots, apples, watermelons, cookies and cake.   Adding Minecraft labels relating it back to the game creates giggle with the kids.

You can also add food that represents items in the game. Sticks could be twiglets/breadsticks.  Torches could be chocolate finger with a marshmallow/strawberry on top.  Cubes could be tray bakes or rice crispy cubes with different food colourings.  There are also diamonds, coal, rubies, gold, sapphires and emeralds so sweets lend themselves to that. TNT is another favourite made from liquorice. 

Another approach, particularly good if you prefer to serve hot food is to offer pig, chicken, fish or cow; all feature heavily in the game. As they'll have 'built a furnace' there's no need to eat them raw! So you could offer chips (sticks)with burger/sausage/nuggets/fingers.

keep it simple with


Theme the room very simply

with green & black table wear. 

Maybe add balloons/streamers

if your budget allows.

 If you enjoy craft & have time,
try out these simple ideas to stick around the room

Think Squares! White for ghasts and green for creepers

Balloon spiders with crepe paper legs are simple too.

And it's easy to add the black square faces to plates & balloons

using a sharpie or insulation tape for added fun too.