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Here's a few you could attempt yourself if you enjoy a bit of crafty cooking.  The simplest one, I think, is the Chewwy traybake - it's not too fiddly.  

Yoda looks straightforward as well.

I have a simple recipe that's never let me down that I'm happy to share.

Some simple ideas for cold food that you can have fun with.  Some look like things from the film others are play on words.  

As some are so simple it gives time

to do a couple of the more fiddly ones

Often cheaper and less time consuming but get someone else to cook it, else you'll miss out on watching the fun.  Turn simple food into Star Wars food by playing  with words & adding quirky labels

As with everything to do with parties there is actually no need to do any of this.  Kids are very easily pleased.  These ideas are just to help you if you want to unleash your creative side.  

Cold Food

Light Sabers                Grape kebabs

Obi-Wan Kebab-ies    Fruit or savoury kebab sticks

Trooper Scoopers      Pringles with a dip

Falcon Ship Dip          Cucumber / Carrots with dip

Ewoks                          Teddy Bear Crisps

Tie Fighters                 Choc biscuit mallow sandwich

Thermal Detonators  Crisp balls / Maltesers

Leia's Buns                  Sticky Bun

Leia Cupcakes             Iced Cupcake with Oreo buns

Chewbacca Men         Scratched gingerbread men

Wookie Cookies          Any cookies with a label

Hans in Carbonite      Jelly                                   

Hans Burgers        Hamburger

Hutt Dogs              Hot Dogs

Chewy Chicken      Nuggets / Drumsticks

Sith Stix                  Chips

Yoda Soda              Green Mocktail              


Hot Food

keep it simple with BLACK

add some silver or gold

Theme the room very simply

with black table wear. 

Maybe add balloons/streamers

if your budget allows.

if you want to have some fun here are some simple ideas

Add some Yoda napkin plates....... or Light Saber napkins......or R2D2 cups

You could even make Vader or Storm Trooper Loot Bags

These can be made at home and if you plan ahead and have crafty kids you can get them on the case.  Kids love being involved - it ramps up their excitement