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Party Planner  / Children's Entertainer

 weekday party    £99
 weekend party  £129

New Forest
Chandlers Ford
Colden Common
Hedge End
West End
Locks Heath
North Boarhunt


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You can add Pinatas, Face Paints & Sweetie Cones if you want to add more WOW!

Sweetie Cones

£1.49 per cone

Sweetie cones are ideal if you don't have time to souce party bag gifts or if, like me, you have come to the conclusion that party bags are money down the drain. Maybe it's just my kids but party bag gifts break within day. If you really want to do party bags my advice would be get one decent item rather than several cheap objects. 

And let's face it, whether we like it or not, it's the sweets they are really after.  Sweetie cones are made up from 5 different types of sweets

and themed where possible.

Add Facepainting

£10 per party

Whilst we're waiting for everyone to arrive facepainting is a great way to keep the party guests occupied

and adds to the fun of the party. 

So that facepainting doesn't eat into party game time the designs are all super simple and fast. 

I'm not a professional facepainter but kids don't care and love these simple designs.

Themed Pinata

​£20 filled with over 100 sweeties

A smashing end to an amazing party

Kids go nuts for a pinata....and so do mums and dads

What I love about the piñata is getting mums, dads, grannies, friends involved because that's the true way they are used in Mexico.  It's a real family event.  My first experience of piñatas was on my honeymoon when we joined a local family bashing a piñata.  It was such fun enjoying their fun.  Kids came running from nearby streets and even grannie was wheeled out

in her chair to join in the celebration.

And whilst the kids love the sweets that fall from the piñata they also love watching their mums and dads joining in with them.